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Fox in a Box
Loaded Heart
All Grown Up
Pleasure Unit
Where Evil Grows
Don't Cry
Mary Ann
You Lied to me Before
So Sophisticated
Little Baby
Sweet Potato
Voodoo Doll
Hammer Stomp

The Patty Duke Fanzine
Top Quality Rock n' Roll 7" compilation

Gore Gore Girls contribute a cover of "Don't Just Stand There" (B. Ross, L. Crane)

Drunk on Rock 2!
I-94 Recordings CD compilation

Gore Gore Girls contribute "Hard Enough"

available HERE
Strange Girls
Get Hip CD/LP

Hunt You Down
Go On
Lovin' Machine
Star Struck
I'm Gonna Get You Yet
Cattle Call
Gore She's Got It
Hard Enough
Country Man
Room in Your Heart
Getting a Room

*out of print*
Mama In The Movies
b/w Hit You Hard
Charles Records 7"

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